Kids Church

At our Sunday Morning 9:45 am service we have an area at the front for children to play during the church service and Kids Church for children up to and including year 9. There is a takeaway package for children to colour and do puzzles while in church. We welcome all children to our church service and prefer that parents do not take them out when a little bit unsettled, that is why we have our play area.

Kids Church
In many ways it is harder to raise children today than it was in past generations. Most parents want to give their children opportunities to socialise with other children on weekends, try new activities, and have good role models to reinforce the morals taught at home. Most importantly, they want their children to learn about God’s love for them, to be encouraged to grow in their love for God and, thereby, to grow as mature and valuable members of society.

To help families achieve these goals, St Andrew’s offers classes and activities for our young. We do not accept the old saying that “Our young are the Church of tomorrow”. Our philosophy here at St. Andrew’s is that our young people are an important part of our church today. Our young people, therefore, are accepted as a vital and important part of our congregation.

Before going out to their lessons, our young people meet with the rest of St. Andrew’s church family and, after an address structured for them, they go to classes in the hall. As well as this, they regularly play their part in contributing to worship. Also, once a year, we have a special service consisting of hymns only where Derek gives mini-sermons as an introduction to each hymn and the entire congregation is invited and expected to leave the church service and visit our young ones in their classes.

St Andrew’s provides love, support and Christian guidance for youngsters in a family atmosphere. We accept young people and children as an important part of our spiritual family and welcome them - and the rest of their families - to join us each Sunday.

Kids Church has special classes for

  • Junior Kids Church 2-7
  • Senior Kids Church 8 -11

We give thanks that Kids Church is now on the internet. We were kindly donated a computer and internet connection for the children’s use. This tool is used to look up information on the topic each Sunday that they are learning with the guidance of our teachers. The computer was given in memory of Mrs Boyle.


We support through World Vision a little boy called Miguel Angel Park R.

Miguel lives in Chile and his favourite subject in his National Language. He plays football and his main chore is to make his bed. Miguel Angel lives with his parents in an urban area. Both of his parents are employed but at a very low wage, it is hardly enough to provide for their family. Our sponsorship is an important and continuing part of assistance to help this boy and his family attain self-reliance, for this is the development in which World Vision is involved.