The total cost is $1200. In order to confirm and hold your wedding booking you are required to pay a $600.00 non-refundable deposit within two weeks of booking to confirm the date. The balance must be paid one month before the wedding. If you are paying by cheque, make your cheque out to Manly Presbyterian Church. If paying direct debit the banking details are (St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Manly - NAB BSB 082-352   Account No.  638383960.


PLEASE NOTE- Until you pay the deposit, another couple can claim your date and time if they pay their deposit first. It is important to arrange the holding deposit as soon as possible to avoid having to alter your arrangements.

There is always a two-hour gap between wedding services in order to allow for unavoidable delays. This gap is not negotiable. Do not, however, use it as an excuse to be late in starting your service. Always remember that you have invited your guests to be at the church at a certain time. To keep them waiting unnecessarily is disrespectful and bad mannered. 

Please ask your photographer and guests to refrain from moving about the church during the service and to minimise the use of flash cameras throughout the service. If you are having the service recorded on video, please tell the camera operator that he or she will be placed at the front of the church and is not to move from there. Remember, we will be sharing in a Christian service, not a photo opportunity.

Also, please tell all who attend the service that there is to be no confetti or rice thrown either in the church or on the footpath outside the church. Failure to adhere to this could result in local council littering fines. Because you have chosen a heritage building to have your wedding in, please do not blow bubbles inside the church as the detergent can cause damage.

The wedding service will be conducted according to the rites of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. Anything that happens in the service (including songs, readings etc.) must fit in with the rites of the Presbyterian Church. For that reason couples are not able to write their own vows.


The following Bible readings are given as a guide. If there are other Bible passages you would prefer, please feel free to discuss them with me.


Genesis 2.18-25;

Ecclesiastes 3.1-8;

Ecclesiastes 4.9-12;

Mark 10.2-9;

John 15.9-12;

1 Corinthians 13.1-13;

Colossians 3.12-17;

1 John 4.7-12;

1 John 4.12-21;


Think about relatives and friends whom you would like to do the Bible readings. By having them read, you will give someone else a part to play on your special day and it will make the service more personal for you.


Before you decide on a hymn, you will need to consider whether your guests will sing or not on the day. A hymn is a sung prayer. If no one will sing the prayer, then is it wise to have one at all? If you feel enough will sing, then the hymn chosen will need to be one they can sing.

A brochure of hymns with words, suggested tunes and where they fit into the service is available on request. These are not the only hymns you can have at your service, but they are a starting point for you to consider the matter. It is best to discuss details of music for your wedding (including hymns) with our Musical Director Mr Karl Klein on  or phone or text Karl directly on 0400100093 rather than relay messages through me.

Please contact our Musical Director as soon as possible to arrange the music for your day. From long experience, we know that other forms of music (e.g. CDs) do not fill the church with music, which is why we strongly recommend you use the organ.


If you attend weddings before your own, take note of things you either liked or disliked and discuss them with me. Always remember, however, that the more complicated things are, the more likelihood that things will go wrong. Something might seem a good idea but, if it does not happen according to plan on your day, it can be embarrassing and can spoil the day for you. For that reason I suggest you don’t pay too much attention to weddings on T.V. or in films. There will not be weeks of rehearsal to get things right for your day, nor will there be an editor to take out the mistakes. We will have only one opportunity to get things right.

Also, be careful about listening to ‘experts’ who will tell you all sorts of things you can and can’t do. These people do not know St. Andrew’s, nor have they, usually, spent much time talking with Ministers about weddings. Few novel ideas work out in practice. The more traditional and conventional ways of doing things are generally the best because they work! The simpler your wedding day is, the more enjoyable it will be and the less room there is for embarrassing mistakes.


The Bride enters the Church

Words of Welcome


The Marriage:

The Promises

Exchange of rings

The Declaration

Bible Reading(s) / Address


Signing of the Register

Leaving the Church

You will notice that there is no provision for hymns in the outline. If you are having a hymn, we will need to look at the words of that hymn to see where it best fits in.


Do not leave things too late before you visit me to start to arrange your service. The sooner we fill in the legal paperwork and start the arrangements the better. Some paper work needs to be in one month and one day before the wedding. If it is not in, you can’t get married. It is, therefore, best to get this paperwork over as soon as possible. Also, if we can meet a few times before the service, the better we will know one another and the more friendly the service will be for all concerned. Please feel free to discuss with me any problems or questions you might have.



If you require a florist -  Bernie or Cathy at "Champagne & Roses" at 43 Sydney Road Manly 02 9977 4661

Our Church Piper is Ron Wicks on 02 9977 8709