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Established by our local churches 25 years ago, Anchor RE (formerly Mackellar Area Scripture Board) exists to ensure that high quality Special religious Education (SRE) is provided at Mackellar Girls', Manly Selective High School and Balgowlah Boy's High Schools. Legislation still permits us top teach every student up to one hour per week, and in many schools today the church simply doesn't provide this.

In our schools, students see their Christian SRE teacher for one school period every week, for four years. The teachers are able to build long-term relationships and opportunities exist for our churches to be involved in daily activities of the schools.

The Board has local church representatives from all major denominations, representing your partnership in evangelism. we are deeply committed to providing the next generation with access to the good News of Jesus Christ at this crucial stage of their lives.






About PIM Stay On-Track with the PIM Quarterly Newsletter The Presbyterian Inland Mission (PIM) is the successor ministry in the Presbyterian Church of Australia to the Australian Inland Mission founded in 1912 with the Rev. Dr John Flynn as its first Superintendent. The PIM is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Australia and has an expanding network of patrol ministries in Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania & the Northern Territory. The PIM is also involved in a growing range of caring/Philanthropic/community assistance activities - including the provision of relief to assist with the impact of drought, isolation, suffering and medical emergencies. These ministries and activities are offered freely to all and any of the people of the great Outback and Inland of the Commonwealth of Australia, in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord. For many who live within the ever expanding ministry areas of the PIM, life continues to be very hard indeed. This makes the labour of the patrol teams of the PIM more and more demanding but also increasingly important, as by the power of the Holy Spirit they touch a growing number of people with Christian love.





A hospital for severely disabled children. At the moment we are fund raising for extensions that will cost $6 million.

The redevelopment of Stage 1 is done, and what an amazing transformation has happened to Allowah. It is new, it is bright, it is spacious, it is airy, it is colourful—it is just wonderful!! As you walk down the long corridor you can see the large wards with their own big bath-rooms, the colourful carpet, the natural light coming in from the long skylights above, the huge recreation room where the children can gather and be entertained, the large windows in the wards looking out over the valley and trees, the wide corridor where children in wheelchairs can be easily transported side by side. It is all too much to take in at once.

But over and above all of this are the wonderful staff, with big smiles on their faces, going about their daily tasks of making Allowah such a happy place.

In December 2008 the new administration block was finished and the admin staff moved in. This building is brand new and was built in front of the old existing building. This overlooks the front car parking area and the covered front entry to the hospital that is easily accessed by ambulances and wheelchairs via the ramp.

On entering the hospital people cannot believe the transformation from the old Allowah.

The hospital now has spacious recreation areas where the children come together to watch television, have fun at play, and have interactive therapies. This looks out through the big windows to the colourful softfall area at the side where the children can play on the spe-cially constructed wheelchair swing, and the raised herb and vegetable garden allows them to enjoy the touch and smell of these plants. Shade sails will soon be erected over this area to give the children protection from the sun. The cost of this will be around $50,000.

The children moved into the new wards in January 2009, and the development was finally finished in May 2009. In June 2009 The Hon Andrew McDonald, Member for Macquarie Fields, and a Pediatrician, officially opened the new Allowah..

It has truly fulfilled our dream of making this a beautiful place for very special children?.

Of course, all the Allowah Supporters have had a part is this. It is due to each and every one of you that this has been achieved. Every donation, small or large, has contributed and for this we are very, very grateful, and would like to thank you all most sincerely.

Without you it would have taken much longer to achieve.

Since the Presbyterian Church purchased Allowah in February 2004, we have received $1,225,136 in donations. What an amazing effort!!

We also say a very special thank you to the Dorcas Committee of the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales who have donated many thousands of dollars for special items that Allowah needs.

However, we still have to repay a sizeable bank loan so that the hospital can be free of debt.

We give thanks to God for Hiss continued Blessings upon us.